Facing Felony or Misdemeanor DWI Charges?

Facing Felony or Misdemeanor DWI Charges?

Discuss your DWI case with a lawyer in Midland, TX

If you've been charged with a DWI in the Midland, TX area, you should retain a criminal lawyer ASAP. The Law Office of Brodney J. Moses takes on DWI cases of all types, including first-time DWI offenses, misdemeanor offenses and felony offenses. Schedule an appointment with attorney Moses today.

Understand your criminal charges

Every DWI case is different. While some DWI charges are misdemeanors, others are felonies that carry heavy penalties. In Texas, you can be charged with a felony DWI if:

  • You were driving under the influence with a child in the car
  • Your DWI resulted in the death or serious injury of another person
  • You've been convicted of two or more DWIs in the past

The punishments for a felony DWI conviction range from $10,000 in fines to 10 years in jail. It's important to secure the best criminal defense possible. Call the Law Office of Brodney J. Moses today to discuss your situation with a seasoned criminal lawyer.