Facing DWI Charges in Midland, TX?

Facing DWI Charges in Midland, TX?

Work with a DWI defense attorney today

When you've been charged with driving while intoxicated, you should retain a trusted DWI attorney in Midland, TX. Call the Law Office of Brodney J. Moses today. Attorney Moses will gather all of the information about your case, including your blood alcohol content (BAC) and the arresting officer's report, to build a solid defense.

Understand the terms of probation after a DWI conviction

Many first-time DWI convictions result in probation. It’s important to understand what probation means under Texas law. If you’re sentenced to probation as the result of a DWI conviction, you could be ordered to:
  • Spend time in jail
  • Pay hefty fines
  • Surrender your driver’s license

Turn to the Law Office of Brodney J. Moses for legal support if you’re heading to court after a DWI charge in Midland, TX. Attorney Moses will fight for you in court and do his best to help you avoid the harsh penalties of a DWI conviction.